ABOUT 1422

Born in Dubai, 1422 is the world’s first Ready Couture store licensed by the Arab Fashion Council, aiming to become one of the world’s most important concept stores based in the heart of Dubai.  

The name is derived from the Arab Fashion Council’s slogan “1 Council for 22 Arab Countries”.

The term ‘concept store’ might be a popular one, but not all such stores are created equal. At 1422, we bring together culture from around the world that define beautiful, whether that’s the store design and layout, the building itself, or the products it sells. At 1422 you can meet with the designers and discover selected runway collection and design items that are not to be found elsewhere in the city. 

At the first Ready Couture Store, you don’t only find what is on the display but you can also amend the pieces to perfectly fit your size, choose the fabric, different colors and make any piece exclusively your. 


1422 is a tribute to the life of the Arab Women that are globally known for their sophisticated elegance, knowledge, and admiration for luxury living, uniqueness, exclusivity, and taste. The story is reflected in the interior Architecture of the space that enables the guests to live a journey and experience the dream of every woman in a museum-style shopping.

“1422 is our gift to every woman where customers will discover not only couture evening gowns, ready-to-wear, design, selected art, accessories, cosmetics, niche perfume, and high-tech gadgets but also the tailored made recipes at our cafe and lounge and selected books at the Maison’s Library. Thanks to its design and tech incorporation space transform itself into a stage to host a full-fledged fashion week to showcase designers coming from across the globe. 1422 becomes the official stage for the Arab Fashion Week where the client can shop directly from the runway which validated the efficiency of See Now; Buy Now”.


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